How To Increase Sex Drive Naturally With Self-Hypnosis

Most of us go through periods when our sex drives wanes. Sometimes it's due to bodily changes that occur as we age, and other times it's linked to life stresses, relationship difficulties, or low self-esteem.

Whatever the cause, you may find there is a libido mismatch between you and your partner, and over time this can begin to create distance and resentment.

While you likely already know about medical interventions that might help, you probably know less about how alternative methods can increase sex drive naturally.

In this guide, we'll look at how to increase sexual desire using self-hypnosis. We'll begin by exploring how hypnosis works as a sex drive intervention, and give you a step-by-step guide to what to expect from a self-hypnosis session.

From there, we'll move on to take a closer look at the major benefits of using hypnosis to boost your sex drive, including the long-term impacts on your romantic relationship.

Can Mind Power Increase Sex Drives?

Firstly, you might be skeptical about the idea that simply changing your thoughts can change your sexual desire. After all, you may think, sex is an essentially physical process that's all about how your body responds to another person.

However, this isn't quite true - in reality, the mind plays a huge role in when and how we want to have sex. In particular, the way we think about ourselves, our bodies, and the meaning of sex can turn us off and make us anxious about sex.

Consequently, we can find ourselves avoiding sex or even dreading sex in spite of still being very much attracted to our partners.

This means that if we can change our mindset and address our negative emotions, we can “free ourselves up” to experience desire.

We can begin to think differently about sex, and to positively anticipate it once again.

Hypnosis For Increasing Your Sex Drive

What exactly, then, does self-hypnosis change about your sex drive? Firstly, there is a confidence-boosting component to a typical self-hypnosis session.

To increase your sex drive, hypnosis offers addresses negative thinking about sex and helps you let go of critical thoughts and self-consciousness. The aim is to help you relax, enjoy sex, and view it as a playful and positive thing in your life.

You can regain your sense of being desirable, and your faith in your ability to pleasure your partner. In some cases, self-hypnosis for sex drive will also help to reconnect you with your desire for your partner, which can naturally wax and wane even in the best relationships.

Increase Sex Drive With Self-Hypnosis And Visual Imagery

Now, why exactly should you use hypnosis for sex drive issues rather than choosing other methods? Firstly, it's worth noting that self-hypnosis can of course be complementary to traditional sex therapy and to medical interventions - you don't have to opt for one over the other.

However, if you are going to choose only one to start with, self-hypnosis is probably the easiest and least intrusive way of shifting your mindset.

Sexual desire begins in the mind, and self-hypnosis directly targets that mind. People often also describe actively enjoying the experience.

Self-hypnosis and the use of visual imagery are inspiring, exciting, and helps to reboot your imagination. 

Secondly, apart from the small expense of a self-hypnosis program, there's no risk attached to using hypnotherapy to enhance your sex drive.

There are no major documented side effects of hypnosis, and self-directed programs can be followed in the privacy of your own home and in your own time. 

How Do You Use Hypnosis To Increase Your Sex Drive?

Now that you understand how self-hypnosis for sex drive works, and why it is worth trying, let's explore some of the details of what the process actually involves.

There are three major stages, all of which are crucial to helping you reject old, limiting beliefs and adopt a more positive attitude to sex.

The Relaxation Of The Mind

The first stage of self-hypnosis for boosting sex drive is all about getting you into the right frame of mind.

The hypnotherapist on the recording will gently guide you into a deep state of relaxation so that you will be receptive to the suggestion at later stages of the session.

Entering a hypnotic trance doesn't mean giving up control, and you can come back to a full waking state at any time.

It's rather like the experience of mindfulness, during which your body feels heavy and loose-limbed, and your mind begins to calm. 

During this phase of self-hypnosis, you'll often be guided through closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Some sessions will ask you to count backward as you enter the hypnotic trance, and others may ask you to visualize descending stairs (or similar age).

To maximize the effectiveness of this stage, choose to listen to your recording at a time when you already feel calm and receptive.

The Process of Visualization

The second stage of hypnosis involves creative visualization. This is the act of building up a vividly detailed image in your mind's eyes, in this case of how you want your life to be.

In the case of sex drive boosting hypnosis, the hypnotherapist may ask you to picture memory of a sexually fulfilling time with your partner, or a fantasy that makes you feel good.

However, the aim isn't to visualize the sexual encounter so much as it is to capture how it feels to be aroused, positive about sex, and confident in your own body. 

The more detail you can add to your visualization at this stage, the more power it will have to reshape your beliefs.

A good trick at this point is to try and involve all your senses.

How will you feel in this ideal scenario? What do you feel, smell, taste, and hear? 

The Use Of Indirect Suggestions

Finally, using indirect suggestion, hypnosis gently encourages you to let go of negative beliefs, replacing them with a more positive view of sex.

Here, the hypnotherapist may repeat key phrases to ensure they stick in your mind, all of which will support you in becoming a more confident lover who is more excited about sex.

For example, the recording might simply say "You feel good about having sex and want it more than ever", or "You feel confident in your own body and its ability to bring pleasure." 

What's happening at this vital final stage of self-hypnosis is that the therapist is bypassing your unusual conscious defenses and speaking straight to your subconscious mind.

By changing your subconscious perceptions and feeling about sex, self-hypnosis creates a knock-on effect in your conscious life.

At the end of this third phase, the hypnotherapist will lead you out of the hypnotic trance and you can open your eyes when you feel ready.

What Are Benefits Of Using Hypnosis For Increasing Your Sex Drive?

To close, let's think about the wide-ranging benefits of using self-hypnosis to revitalize and increase sex drive.

While you might think the goal of the process is obvious, it can impact your well-being in ways you don't expect.

For example:

  • You become more open to the thought that you can be a good lover. This puts an end to anxious thoughts and negative fantasies about bad sexual encounters and boosts your self-esteem. In addition, the reduced anxiety frees your mind to think about other things.
  • You start to relax into sex, feeling more relaxed and capable of experiencing pleasure. This not only makes sex more fun for you but gives your partner positive feedback about their own skills, creating a positive feedback loop.
  • You instigate sex with your partner more frequently and feel confident about doing so. This, again, boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel more assertive and in control.
  • Your increased interest in sex makes your partner feel desired, valued, and closer to you. The potential benefits to this are limitless, ranging from deeper conversations to increased sexual chemistry and better communication during conflict.
  • You feel better about your body all around, and more in touch with how it works. Instead of viewing it as a dysfunctional entity that you don't quite understand, it is an instrument of pleasure and something you take pride in.
  • Finally, with an awareness of the power of self-hypnosis, you can begin to tackle other areas of personal development (e.g., phobias, procrastination, and instating healthy habits).

Will A Increasing Sex Drive Hypnosis Work?

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