Using Hypnosis For Depression To Help Stop Negative Thinking

We all go through periods of low mood and depression. Some are triggered by trauma or illness, but very often depressive episodes are linked to negative thinking.

You can easily get stuck in a vicious circle in which feeling bad leads you to see the world in a negative light, while your negative view itself reinforces your low mood.

So, what can you do about this? Setting aside the role of medication and counseling, one of the most effective things you can do is to try hypnotherapy for depression.

In this guide to using hypnosis for depression and negative thinking, we'll start by looking at where depressive thinking comes from.

We'll also explore how this kind of mindset differs from a positive view of looking at the world before turning to look at the role of hypnosis.

As you'll see, hypnotherapy can completely transform your mood by helping you get rid of thoughts and feelings that are holding you back.

Why Do We Suffer From Depression?

To begin with, let's think about where low mood comes from. There's no one cause - in principle, any upsetting or frightening life situation can lead to depression, as can significant hits to your confidence.

Global events and worries about the future are increasingly impacting mental health as well, especially when people feel powerless to make a difference.

However, there are two particular triggers for depression that we ought to look at in more depth: feeling empty and holding onto the past.

These two causes are especially common and are also especially good candidates for treatment by hypnotherapy.

We Start Feeling Empty

Feeling empty is usually linked to a lack of meaning in your life. For example, this might be because you've gone through a grief process after losing a loved one, mourning the loss of an important connection.

Something similar may happen when a friendship or a relationship breaks down, especially if you'd envisioned a future with this person.

Suddenly, your idea of who you were meant to be simply dissolved, and you begin to feel aimless and unanchored. A lack of identity is another contributor to depression caused by feelings of emptiness.

If you lack a sense of purpose in life or are struggling to progress in your career, you may not know how to define yourself or how to understand your contribution to society.

In both of these types of situations, feeling empty can trigger sleep problems, low self-esteem, reliance on self-medication via drugs or alcohol.

You may also struggle to motivate yourself to try and improve your life, due to losing the sense that anything really matters.

As we'll explore shortly, the first step to addressing and changing this sense of emptiness lies in changing your fundamental beliefs about your life, your worth, and your purpose.

Holding On To Past Memories

Being stuck in the past is another widespread trigger for depression. In particular, reminiscing excessively about the past stops you from engaging at the moment or planning for the past.

You may convince yourself that all your best days and experiences are behind you, and begin to feel negative (or simply numb) in your present life.

As above, this is especially common when you've lost someone, whether to death or a relationship fracture. However, it can also come with age, or if you feel like your growth has stagnated for some reason.

In such cases, you may retreat to daydreams and memories more than you put effort into your everyday life.

The trick to dealing with this type of depressive experience is to stop reminiscing - to find a way to reframe the past that allows you to engage with how things are in reality now.

Again, hypnotherapy is uniquely situated to help you with this.

Start A Positive Mindset

With an understanding of some of the major depression triggers in mind, let's now think about what you can do to feel positive.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most significant things you can do to help yourself is to create a more positive lifestyle.

This means looking after your mind and body, creating productive plans for the future, and viewing yourself as deserving of care.

However, how do you get to this stage if you feel sad, isolated, and empty?

The key change you need to make is to find a lasting purpose in life - to figure out what can give your life meaning going forward.

Find A New Meaning Of Life

Before you even address deeper questions about your life's purpose, there are small changes you can make to add meaning to your days.

For example, finding new hobbies or passions can make a huge difference. Starting and sticking to a new hobby, anchors you in the present and orients you towards the future as well.

In addition, when you love something and engage with it, it fills you with positive feelings of excitement and inspiration.

In the longer term, in addition to hobbies and passions, you'll also want to have a sense of your life's purpose.

While this can be a complex process, it helps to ensure your life always have meaning - and it keeps your self-esteem healthy as well.

As you continue to think about this, remember that a life purpose isn't always about a job or career. For some people, their life's purpose lies in the art they make in their spare time, or the family they raise.

However, if you experience poor focus, mood swings, and self-doubt, it's incredibly tough to discover your life's purpose.

With this in mind, we can move on to explore how hypnotherapy helps you make multiple changes that help to address depression.

What Is Hypnotherapy And How Can It Help Overcome Depression

Depression hypnotherapy works by inducing a deeply relaxed state in which you become more receptive to suggestions.

After the initial relaxation hypnosis stage, the hypnotherapist may for example suggest that you think differently about your life, respond differently to certain depression triggers, and have healthier responses to your emotions.

In some cases, you may also be given affirmations to repeat - positive statements that reinforce your newly positive state of mind.

Some people begin to see a difference in their depression symptoms within just one session.

And while there's a popular misconception that suggests hypnotherapy works like mind control, in truth it can only change you in the ways you already desire.

You are also in full control at all times, able to emerge from the hypnotic trance at any time you wish.

While hypnotherapy can be done in person with a trained hypnotherapist, it can also be done just as effectively via self-hypnosis.

In other words, by listening to recordings in your own time in the privacy of your home, you can get the same treatment for depression that you would in a hypnotherapist's office.

This is not only more convenient, but also more affordable in the long term.

Benefits of Using Self-Hypnosis To Overcome Depression

You now know roughly what to expect from the experience of hypnotherapy, and understand how it can facilitate changes in your thoughts and feelings.

However, it's helpful to examine the benefits of self-hypnosis more closely, so that you can get a clearer picture of exactly how your life can change for the better through hypnosis.

Here are three particularly noteworthy changes that you can expect as part of your treatment.

Gives Your Mind Enhanced Attention And Awareness

As noted above, lack of focus is often part of depression. And when you're less productive as a result, this further reinforces your low mood.

Hypnosis can help with this. Like meditation and mindfulness practices, hypnosis fosters self-awareness and self-regulation.

You become better able to notice when you're procrastinating, and increasingly able to turn your attention to the things that matter to you.

This enhanced attention can improve everything from your work performance to your listening skills in relationships.

Most importantly, you'll find it easier to understand your own motivations and needs, more quickly spotting patterns in your thinking and intervening when necessary.

Improves Physical And Emotional Control

We've just noted the benefits hypnosis provides for cognitive and intellectual regulation. However, hypnosis is just as effective at helping with physical and emotional self-control.

For example, this improvement can manifest in your ability to abstain from unhealthy behaviors (e.g., drinking or eating too much).

Relatedly, your emotions become increasingly more accessible to you, and you have more power over them.

Where you used to feel overwhelmed during your most intense depressive episodes, you now have the ability to shift your mood.

While it's never possible to just flip a swath, hypnotherapy helps you to turn your attention to positive feelings and calm negative ones.

Build Confidence And Stop Limiting Beliefs

Recall that depression has a lot to do with negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Many of these will be about yourself, your value, and your limitations.

Through the suggestions made during hypnosis, hypnotherapy helps you to get rid of negative beliefs and replace them with self-affirming ones.

For example, the old belief "I always get things wrong" becomes "I can overcome obstacles and succeed." It stands to reason that your self-confidence is boosted as you get rid of these limiting beliefs.

The end result is a more robustly positive attitude toward yourself and the world - one that supports action and forwards momentum.

Start Using Self-Hypnosis To Overcome Depression Now

Now that you know how hypnotherapy can fight low mood, why not try our self-hypnosis program designed to help you overcome depression?

It is specifically tailored to all the common symptoms of depression - numbness, anxiety, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, and emptiness.

Hypnosis for depression and anxiety relaxes you, enhances your ability to regulate your own emotions, assists you in getting better sleep, and encourages you to look to the future with positivity.

Our program is also effective as a form of stress hypnosis, given the close link between stress and depression.

Our goal in offering this hypnosis for depression program is to help you find your way back to the person you want to be. With three possible levels available, you can choose the program that best suits your needs - whether just need a short session to give you a boost or require something more in-depth.

And as you gradually feel an increase in your energy and in your confidence, you can finally begin to tackle the things you want to change in your life. You may start to see what your true purpose is, and find meaning in every day rather than obsessing about the past.

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