Self-Hypnosis For Positivity: Achieve A Positive Mindset

We constantly hear that positive thinking is the key to success in all areas of life. From boosting work performance to maximizing relationship success and enhancing self-esteem, changing the way you see the world can change your place in it.

But if you struggle to think positively, how can you start to change this? Self-hypnosis is one effective approach.

In this beginner's guide to using hypnosis for positivity, we'll explain what you can expect. We'll start by looking at why positivity matters so much, and then explore how self-hypnosis can help.

Next, we'll outline the three main steps involved and how they all contribute to changing your mindset.

Finally, we'll close by suggesting a program that can help you develop a positive attitude for life.

The Importance Of Positivity

First, let's consider why you should want to adopt a positive mindset in the first place.

As indicated at the outset, it's often suggested that positivity is the key to a better life, but is this supported by evidence, or is it just a fad?

The research on positive thinking strongly suggests that it can help your physical and mental health in a wide range of ways. For example, your immune system function can improve, making you more resistant to illnesses like colds and flu viruses.

Further studies emphasize the impact on mental health, showing that those who practice positive thinking are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Why is positive thinking so powerful? This is still unclear, but one prominent theory is that positivity lowers stress levels, and the reduction of stress hormones like cortisol boosts overall health.

For example, we already know that lower cortisol translates to a reduced risk of heart disease.

Using Hypnosis For Positivity

Now, why should we think that hypnosis for positivity would be effective in changing your mindset?

To understand this, it's helpful to have a better understanding of what hypnosis involves.

In brief, hypnotherapy takes you into a deep state of relaxation in which you become highly receptive to suggestions that you change your thoughts and feelings.

Crucially, hypnosis taps into your unconscious mind, where you have long-standing negative belief patterns. 

Many such patterns begin in our early life, and we don't reflect on them on a conscious level. This is why hypnotherapy is uniquely placed to help us change our thinking habits.

There is evidence that hypnotherapy is effective from everything from tackling phobias to stopping smoking, developing self-esteem, and dealing with chronic pain.

How Hypnosis For Positivity Works

You now know the answers to the questions "What is positivity?" and "Why does positivity matter?", and you have a sense of why self-hypnosis might be especially effective in helping you to become more positive.

The next step is to understand the three key steps of self-hypnosis and what you can expect at each.

All of these aspects of the process are necessary to help you tap into your outdated beliefs and develop a more positive attitude to life.

Relaxing And Accepting Positivity

When you start your self-hypnosis for positivity session, the first thing you need is to get into a receptive frame of mind.

You'll be guided into a hypnotic trance, which just means you will become incredibly relaxed. In this state, it's easier for the hypnotherapist to access your unconscious mind and help you change your frame of mind.

Some people worry that a hypnotic trance takes away self-control, but this is an unhelpful myth.

In truth, you will always be aware enough to end the hypnotherapy session at any time of your choosing.

Being hypnotized is more like practicing mindfulness - your body will feel loose and relaxed, and your thoughts will slow down.

This stage of hypnosis is sometimes called "induction", and it makes use of mindfulness techniques like deep breathing and concentrating on letting your muscles relax.

You may also be asked to visualize yourself walking downstairs, or you might be prompted to count from ten to zero.

Positive Visualization

Once you're sufficiently relaxed, you'll move onto the stage of creative visualization. Here, you will be guided through building up a picture of how you want to change.

In the case of developing a positive attitude, you'll imagine how you will feel and how your life will look when you are more positive.

Here, you will cement the connection between feeling good and thinking positively. The more detail you can add to your visualization, the better. The hypnotherapist will help you with this, prompting you to reflect on different feelings and sensations.

The visualization stage of self-hypnosis is broadly similar to doing guided meditation, in that you're required to use your imagination to connect with a mental image.

Positivity will improve every aspect of your life, but it might be helpful to focus on one especially important area where you expect to see dramatic changes (such as at work, or in a romantic relationship).

Using Indirect Suggestions

In the third and final stage, indirect suggestion hypnosis is used to help you change your underlying beliefs and to develop a habit of thinking positively.

The person on the recording may repeat positive affirmations that you can keep coming back to, such as "You feel good about life every day" or "You see the good in the world."

These affirmations can gradually take the place of outdated, negative beliefs like "I can't trust anyone" and "The worst always happens to me."

The reason why you take these affirmations on board is that you're in a highly receptive state. Your usual defense mechanisms are no longer active, and you are able to think more freely.

When the hypnotherapist has finished leading you through the new beliefs you want to take on, you'll be gently led back to full conscious awareness.

Here, you may picture ascending a flight of stairs or counting up to a specific number.

Try Developing A Positive Attitude Hypnosis

Hypnosis for positivity can change the way you see the world and your place in it.

If you want to feel more motivated, happier, and more open to new experiences, why not try our Positive Attitude hypnosis program today?

It is geared toward helping you develop a positive view of everything, which has a knock-on effect on your self-confidence, assertiveness, and ambition.

In addition, you may notice dramatic changes to your daily mood, and an enhanced ability to simply enjoy life.

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