Creative Visualization Hypnosis

Creative Visualization Hypnosis

This creative visualization hypnosis makes use of a combination of powerful visualization techniques and hypnotherapy to bring about desired outcomes. These can be anything from medical rehabilitation to the treatment of phobias. When you are imagining yourself doing something, it stimulates the same part of the brain that is active as when you are physically performing the visualized action.

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Self-Hypnosis For Creative Visualization

Do you have a specific goal that you want to achieve? Do you have a phobia that you want to overcome like claustrophobia? Are you looking to speed up a healing process? You can do all of that with creative visualization and self-hypnosis!

As a baby, before you were able to talk, you were thinking in terms of images. Your subconscious mind is programmed by visual imagery, more than anything else. Think of the expression “seeing is believing”. This is especially true when it comes to your subjective belief system.

It follows, then, that you are able to change your deeply vested beliefs by seeing yourself do something you normally wouldn’t have done. This is exactly what this self-hypnosis visualization helps you do. You imagine or visualize yourself complete an action or achieve a goal and you do this over and over again until your subjective belief is altered and your visualization becomes reality.

Use these visualization methods to help you visualize yourself taking action despite fear or inability. Keep practicing and believing until your visualization is a reality!

As You Relax And Listen Repeatedly To This Creative Visualization Hypnosis Download, You’ll Notice That:

  • You are more relaxed and certain about achieving your desired outcome

  • It is getting easier to be confident in your visualization

  • You are increasingly believing the outcome you are visualizing

  • Your behavior is changing according to your new reality

Before using visualization through hypnosis, sitting casually on an airplane, performing a complex dancing routine or making more money may not be a reality for you, and is, therefore, impossible. When you are listening to your creative visualization and self-hypnosis download, it will help soothe and relax you. It can then help making your positive outcome a reality by walking you through your visualization while you are comfortable and able to give your undivided attention.

Download your visualization self-hypnosis recording today by choosing a program that is right for you below.

What Do Customers Say About This Creative Visualization Hypnosis

"Malgré que je ne parle pas couramment Anglais, je comprends toutes les paroles de cet enregistrement. Super. Translation: Although I do not speak English fluently, I understand all the words of this recording. Great."
- Bernard
"Very relaxing and enjoyable. "
- Isabel
"Just five minutes into this and I and can feel the relaxation ridng over me like a wave. Thank you so much for creating this. Love it."
- Latchmen
"Awesome stuff! Thank you for making this hypnosis available :)"
- Mau
"Must continue utilizing to get the full benefit, will continue to try this a few more times."
- Tonya
"After using this hypnosis track, I found myself having a less negative outlook and quickly recognizing how to turn that into more positive thoughts. I really feel uplifted from this and things are going much better for me now."
- Lenny Z
"I'm a first-time listener. I'll definitely keep listening to this consistently because I am a firm believer in this realm of thought and thinking. Rather like how the subconscious mind works, techniques like hypnosis truly does work especially when you think they do not. "
- A.J.
"This is a wonderful hypnosis session that made me feel very calm and relaxed."
- pavithra
"I am extremely impressed with the relaxation technique and clear concise instructions for creating your desire with absolute clarity. I am certain that creating your own reality is has already started once you listen to this hypnosis before bed. Your subconscious mind will start marinating that vision on day 1! "
- Lindsay
"This is a great listen really helps focus and relax the mind. I want to work on my creative visualization and law of attraction powers. I hope to see great changes very soon."
- Sally
"I also guide people to their inner pictures inner voice inner guide to inspire them to heal and make their dreams come true! I like your way of doing it! With loving regards."
- Eva Maria Anna
"Positivity attracts positivity. Think of what u want to become, visualize it and let this hypnosis tune you in."
- Zelo
"I was at ease and felt like a vault opened up and my higher self took over. I strongly recommend this for anyone."
- Tinyiko
"Very good, a really great level of relaxation. the sounds washed over me and i felt a calmness. Great experience"
- Mark
"Absolutely loved it! "
- Holly
"I'm learning lots."
- Kylie
"Awesome thank you very much. "
- Troy
"Excellent track for relaxing. I can never get to the end as I always fall asleep before it ends. Highly recommend!!!"
- Malcolm
"I listen to my hypnosis track daily and I have been practicing the skills. IT WORKS!!!"
- Kymberli
"Incredibly relaxing!"
- Eric
"This must be good! I went to a sound sleep after 5 minutes. I don't know what happened after that. "
- Stephanie
"I've just got started and I'm looking forward to positive progress! So far so good - Thank you."
- George
"A special THANK YOU for this! I listened once and was amazed at what I experienced. I rate this download 4.5 stars out of 5. Thanks again!"
- Joseph
"I have already recommended this download to a few of my friends. I work in the performing arts industry and, in my line of work, it's important to carry confidence through in all auditions. I went through a patch where I was struggling with confidence and I not getting any parts. On the flip side of that, not making money put more pressure on me, so it can become a very vicious cycle. I gave this program a go just 1 week before my next audition and I nailed it! Confidence and manifesting is at its best!"
- Shauna L
"I downloaded the 'Creative Visualization' hypnosis and it has helped tremendously. I've used it for around 1 month now and I have manifested a number of small things of which I am deeply grateful for. Thank you!"
- Darius G
"Loved this one...really got me to relax and imagine more vividly!"
- Laura S
"I love this!"
- Sara
"That was an amazing meditation hypnosis. I was completely relaxed and had a great nights sleep too!"
- Steven
"I would like to know the words used. I fall to sleep before the intro is finished - it's great! "
- Joan W
"Very useful visualization tool, I can't wait to get started."
- Marilyn
"Very nice. Thank you."
- Katerina
"Wat een geweldig hypnosespoor! Denk er niet aan, koop het gewoon! U zult er geen spijt van krijgen. Translation: What an amazing hypnosis track! Do not think about it, just buy it! You won't regret it."
- Christina
"Very soothing and easy to listen to. A calm voice and a great way to fall asleep. "
- Ziggy
"So far very straight forward. They seem to know what will be needed and offer solution choices from which one may choose."
- Norma
"Knowing how skillful Steve G.Jones is, I want you to take a look at this website and see if there is something you can use to help you make positive changes in your life. You will probably find it here, no matter how obscure it is. You can really trust that Steve knows what he is doing. Steve has obviously been doing this for a long time and knows how to address problems - you are going to get some real results from using his tracks."
- Bill Harris, star of "The Secret" and creator of HoloSync
"I'm grateful to Dr. Steve G. Jones for his guidance as my mentor, coach and path finder. For anyone who wants to live a self-satisfied life, I am recommending them to get in touch with Dr. Jones."
- Alok Pal, Catalyst For Corporate & Individual Success (India)
"You really over-deliver on your hypnosis tracks and should be charging double the price! For unlimited use of this hypnosis from someone who is a world leading authority on clinical hypnotherapy at less than a quarter of the price of one live session, means ordering several of these tracks in a no-brainer. Thanks Steve."
- Sam B, UK
"I've been using Dr. Steve G Jones' products for some time, and there is a perceptible change in the way I deal with people and situations now."
- Muhammed, India
"Hypnosis is an ancestral art, which accesses and uncovers the subconscious mind, in order to understand its process and principles takes time, consistency, and patience. When you have a mentor, such as Dr. Steve G. Jones, that understands and lives those requirements, you're guaranteed success."
- Al Kelbren, Olympic Coach (Women's Gymnastics)
"Steve G. Jones' hypnosis tracks have been extremely beneficial to me because I was unable to get to the root of the problem through any other method. He is a wonderful hypnotherapist and I highly recommend him!"
- Sondra Ray, Author, Founder of the Loving Relationship Training
"Thanks again for all your help."
- Victoria Rossi, The View
"Being someone who is extremely familiar with the power of hypnosis, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones is among the best in the world."
- Dr. Joe Vitale, Star of 'The Secret'
"WOW! No wonder Steve is the leader in hypnotherapy. How lucky are those who have had the benefit of his genius!"
- Jeraldine Saunders, Creator of the "Love Boat" TV series
"I have ordered multiple programs by Dr. Steve G. Jones and would like to take a moment to comment on how great and reasonably priced I think the programs are. Not only do I love the programs, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the customer service representatives. Thank you for all your attention and patience with this technologically impaired customer!"
- Marie-Louise Oosthuysen de Gutierrez, Mexico City, Mexico
"I was skeptical at first, but now I'm a believer. I'm a 45-year-old lady who never dreamed she could change. Believe me, it's all a matter of changing your FOCUS. I'm a new woman. Don't wait, it WORKS"
- Annie Gabriel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"Dr. Steve G. Jones and his programs have transformed my life by teaching me how to have power over the subconscious beliefs that have held me back in my life. His hypnosis tracks bring about rapid change. I highly recommend his work."
- Kay Whipple, Hilton, New York
"Steve G. Jones has helped me more in three weeks than I was helped with three YEARS of therapy. Thank you thank you THANK YOU"
- Katie Thomas, Santa Monica, CA
"I have used Dr. Jones' tracks for five years. I have gone from being very physically ill to working for a year, organizing a retreat in the US with paying attendees, to getting sponsored on my PhD program in addition to other bonuses. Therefore, I am very happy to recommend Steve G. Jones to others. This is the tip of the iceberg as to what has become possible, and my health is great. I continue to work with Dr. Jones' material on an almost daily basis."
- S. Beatson, UK.
"I have found Dr. Jones' recordings and help to be invaluable. He is, by all means, a miracle worker and I would strongly recommend him. The changes I have made with his help have really improved my life. Thank You."
- Alexandra Gyasi, Middlesex, England
"I have followed Dr. Steve G. Jones for over a year. His recordings have changed my life. They have empowered me to live a better life and have helped me renew my spirituality as well as given me tools to understand people and deal with them effectively. My stress level is down to a minimum, he is a godsend. His integrity and the love he puts into his work shows. I highly recommend his work, it is truly inspiring!"
- Heidi Rockwell, Twentynine Palms, California
"I'm doing an intense transpersonal therapy and I became very curious about hypnotherapy. You and your work are helping me using my time in a very effective way. You have all my gratitude for all the help you and your work bring to my healing process. Big thanks and hugs!"
- Nancy Branconnier, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
"Hi Steve, Just a quick note to let you know that I have products from several hypnotherapists but yours if the one I get the best results from and use the most. I do appreciate you and your efforts to make our lives easier."
- Barb May
"Like a burning fire swept the paper, trying Dr. Steve G. Jones hypnotherapy audio will sweep your doubts away. The quality of the products and the effects will convince you that your dream is possible to achieve."
- Andreas Pasolympia, Communication Expert from Indonesia
"I am always referring you to my clients and finding products to recommend to them. All the Dr. Steve G. Jones products are of the highest quality - thoughtful, and professional presented. I am completely impressed with all the Steve G. Jones products that I have purchased."
- Kim Nagle, CH, CI, Creative Hypnosis LLC
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- Lori Nease, Spring Branch, Texas
"I believe that pursuing my goals with Dr. Jones' method of instruction and self-help recordings was the best thing I've done. I'm sure that I will achieve my goal and hope that one day, I will be able to work by his side and learn from this exceptional leader. I wish Steve success in helping more people to achieve their goals."
- Alaleh Saidi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"His prices are very affordable, making the wealth of information he provides available to just about anyone that's ready to implement his methods to induce positive changes."
- Annelies Teulings, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"My only regret is that I didn't discover your site sooner!"
- Scott C. Musgrove, PsyD
"Thank you, Dr. Steve G. Jones! Your products have helped me a lot. I'm also learning new ideas on how to improve my life every time I order from your website. Definitely one of the best in the field of hypnotherapy and my favorite teacher."
- Madelaine Romero, New York
"I have been listening to your recordings and I have to say that you are amazing. You are an incredibly generous, insightful human being. I am full of admiration for you."
- Bob McAndrew, Acting Teacher to Christopher Walken
"Dr. Steve products are excellent tools for anyone who wants self-help. His products go exactly to the point where you need help. I deeply recommend!"
- Erika Freitas, USA
"I have purchased a number of your hypnosis MP3's, which I listen to on a regular basis. I find that they have helped and continue to do so as well as them being enjoyable to listen to. I am grateful for the opportunity of being able to express my gratitude to you, many thanks."
- Vivienne Brookes, Sydney, Australia
"If you want to have a different life, Steve will show you HOW."
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"I'm just amazed at the amount we are taught from your tracks and how deeply it influences you. You have taught me meditation techniques. You have taught me reprogramming techniques and the sky's the limit when you drop off bad programming. It is just a privilege to know you. The success at Business Growth Group has a lot to do with you."
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- Ben D'Silva, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, Mumbai, India
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- David Harbour, Austin, Texas
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- Tom Mankiewicz, Writer of "Superman, The Movie"
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- Chris Johnson
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Creative Visualization, Does It Work?

Creative visualization methods are a safe alternative to sedatives for people who are about to do something that is outside of their comfort zone. For people who would like to achieve a long-term goal, hypnosis and visualization can be an effective method to make the goal part of their frame of reference. It is also useful for people that are taking part in a rehabilitation program, as self-hypnosis imagination helps to visualize the result and accelerate the healing process.  

For people living in impoverished circumstances, the power of creative visualization may help them to make escaping their situation a reality. Creative visualization can be applied to a wide variety of situations where a certain outcome is desired.

This guided visualization recording can help you to change a negative belief system of your subconscious mind as well as your behavior in a way that will have a positive effect on your life and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions About Self Hypnosis For Creative Visualization

How long do I have to use creative visualization hypnosis?

No two people experience creative visualization in the same way. Some may require more practice at visualizing their outcome than others. This download makes use of hypnosis techniques to help you exercise visualization while you are relaxed and calm.  

What can I do to make visualization easier?

By regularly closing your eyes and visualizing your immediate environment, you will give yourself enough practice to visualize things that are not yet real. Making your visualizations as realistic and detailed as possible will also make it easier and more believable. This will also give you more confidence in your visualizations.

Is it safe?

Creative visualization is not only extremely natural and safe, it is also good for your overall well-being. This creative visualization self-hypnosis will put you in a state of relaxation and the visualization can help to stimulate the relevant brain activity and increase blood flow.

Make Your Desired Outcome A Reality

Listen to this self-hypnosis download repeatedly and at a time and place where you can switch off and give your undivided attention.

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