Quitting Social Media Addiction Hypnosis

Quitting Social Media Addiction Hypnosis

Social media addiction can have negative effects on your life. If you feel overly addicted to social media, feel like taking a break from social media, or even quitting social media, this is for you. To overcome your dependency on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other online social networks, keep reading to learn how this hypnosis for quitting social media addiction will help you.

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Self-Hypnosis for Quitting Social Media Addiction

Do you wake up in the middle of the night to check for social media notifications? Do you feel on edge when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or mobile data? Do you spend more than three to four hours per day on social media? Do you prioritize social media over real human interaction or your daily tasks? This hypnosis may be the ideal solution to help you quit social media addiction.

Social media addiction is a relatively new concept in the field of psychology. However, the same old principles of psychological dependence are applicable. 

Do you remember the excitement of opening your first social media account and interacting with people you know online?

When you see a notification or receive a message in your inbox, it provides instant gratification. It fulfils your inherent need to be social and boosts your dopamine levels which, in turn, creates feelings of pleasure and reward.  

Over time, these feelings of reward can cause you to develop the subconscious and mistaken belief that being on social media is beneficial to you in one way or the other. For example, you may subconsciously believe that the number of followers or likes is crucial to be accepted by others. 

These subliminal beliefs can have a profound impact on your behaviour, especially if you consider your lifestyle and habits before social media existed. 

To overcome your social networking addiction, you have to address this inherent belief that you need social media to prevent FOMO or even anxiety. Since this hypnosis is specially formulated to access and alter your subliminal beliefs, it may be the ideal social media addiction treatment. 

As You Relax And Listen Repeatedly To This Social Media Addiction Hypnosis Download, You’ll Notice That:

  • Taking a break from social media can be easy and enjoyable

  • There is no reason to suffer from FOMO on social media 

  • Your self-worth doesn’t depend on your number of followers

  • You can work or spend time with your family without wanting to check your phone

The benefits of staying off social media are plentiful. To many, lower stress levels are the most significant reason to stop using social media. 

There is a prominent link between social media and depression. The impulse to be constantly aware of what is going on in your newsfeed can result in an increase in cortisol, which is a stress hormone. The consistent stress can, then, eventually cause underlying anxiety and depression. 

Another contributor to lower stress levels is more sleep. Many people don’t realize how much time they spend scrolling around and commenting before falling asleep. When giving up social media, you can expect to get more sleep, which can, in turn, improve your mental and physical health. There is also scientific research that indicates eliminating blue screen in the evening benefits sleeping.

In addition to curbing anxiety and stress, deleting your social media apps can also help you feel more self-assured. Most people only share the part of their lives they want others to see. Because you see your friends and old classmates at their best, it can be easy to feel as if you are falling behind. Social media and mental health, unfortunately, does create a lot of insecurity all over the world. 

Overcoming your social media addiction can help you change your perspective over your life and gauge your situation objectively. Instead of consistently seeing the world through others’ eyes, you may start exploring your own preferences and learn more about yourself.

Ditching social media can help you live a relaxing lifestyle, improve your personal interaction skills (including romantically), and develop your emotional intelligence. 

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Signs of Addiction to Social Media

Prioritizing social media over essential activities is a tell-tale indication that you are a social media addict. For example, you may prefer to look at your phone instead of working, engage with others during social gatherings, or sleep at night. 

How you feel when you are not able to log onto your social media platforms can also be significant. If you feel anxious or annoyed if you are not able to connect, it means you crave the dopamine and serotonin increases associated with social media activity. A social media addict may feel the same way when they notice a drop in followers. This identifies an addiction to instant gratification.

If you spend a lot of time on your phone, you may also be addicted to social media. Some people have to spend, say, four hours per day on social media as part of their work. However, if you are active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or any other mainstream social media platform for more than three hours per day, it can be a sign of addiction. 

Some social media addicts may use language that is typically associated with social media. For example, you may use the word “hashtag” or the name of a social media service as a verb. If you hear some talking about “Facebooking” someone or something, they may be addicted to social media. 

How your social activity affects others can also be a sign of addiction. If the people close to you complain that you neglect your relationship with them, it may be time to look at doing a social media detox. 

How to do a Social Media Detox and Handle the Withdrawals

Like all other forms of addiction, you have to address a social media disorder by altering your subconscious beliefs. 

Your subconscious mind is highly sophisticated, and it can impact your behaviour without you even knowing it. 

With behavioural patterns and the consistent secretion of feel-good chemicals, you can program your subconscious mind to believe that something like social media is beneficial to you.

Consequently, if you want to quit social media, you have to reprogram your subconscious mind to realize that being active on social media holds no benefits to you and that you don’t need it to feel good about yourself. 

How do you change your subconscious mind to overcome social media addiction?

When you listen to this hypnosis recording and follow the instructions carefully, you may fall into an altered and relaxed state of mind. In this relaxed state, your conscious mind may become suspended, leaving your subconscious susceptible to hypnotic suggestions. 

This hypnosis recording is specially developed to help people like you overcome their addiction to social media. Since your subconscious mind processes images well, the recording focuses on guided visualizations. The more you visualize yourself working, socializing, and sleeping without always checking your phone, the more these scenarios become a reality to your subconscious mind. 

To achieve optimal results, listen to the recording whenever you are alone and relaxed. You should also try to listen to the recording every day, as repetition can increase your chances of successfully beating your addiction. 

The recording can also help you relax and deal with withdrawals in the form of anxiety when you are not connected to social media. 

Why Taking a Break from Social Media Will be Worth Putting Your Phone Down

Even if your social media addiction doesn’t cause you stress or have low self-esteem, taking a break from social media may still be worth it.

Quitting social media will boost your productivity considerably. When you are busy scrolling, reading articles, and looking at memes, you are not optimizing the time you have available to work on your career. Spending as little as five minutes on your phone can lower your productivity significantly. 

Social media can also interfere with your creativity. If you are struggling to get the creative juices flowing, taking breaks without looking at your phone can help to put you in the right state of mind. 

Many people underestimate the negative effect social media has on personal relationships. For example, if you are spending time with someone close to you, constantly looking at your phone can restrict communication between you and them. Putting away your phone and paying undivided attention to someone will show respect and strengthen your relationship with them. 
It is also very common that, overuse of mobile phones and social media addiction can have a negative impact on sexual relationships too.

Another reason to be less active on social media is that it can reduce boredom. If going on Facebook or Twitter is not an option, your brain will start looking for meaningful and engaging activities that you can do so you don’t feel bored. 

Finally, if you are not always on social media, you may become less susceptible to collective consciousness, and you’ll learn how to form independent opinions on essential matters and improve your decision-making skills. 

Taking a break from social media will give you the freedom to go through your day without compulsively checking your phone. 

Start Your Social Media Addiction Treatment Today

Listen to this download every day as part of your routine. If you want to gain control over your addiction to social media, this hypnosis recording may be the ideal solution for you as you become an Antisocial Media user.

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