Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

This quit smoking hypnosis will help you realize that smoking has no benefit for you and your health using self hypnosis. Many people keep smoking despite being told every day that it is bad for them. This is because they come to rely on it in their life, in the same way as eating food or drinking water. Learn more about this quit smoking hypnosis and how it can help you to break the habit.

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Why You Should Use Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Do you want to quit smoking? Are you suffering from emphysema or COPD? Do you want to take responsibility for your health? Are you about to be a parent? This self-hypnosis to give up smoking can help you to kick the habit.

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of premature death. It can also have an extremely limiting effect on your health and finances. If you are a smoker, you probably know all the dangers and negative consequences that are related to smoking. You may have unsuccessfully tried to quit by going cold turkey or by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes that you smoke every day.

Your addiction to smoking is related to the fact that you subconsciously believe that you need to smoke in order to relax, feel good or receive some other benefit. Because this is a subconscious belief, you keep on smoking. This belief is strengthened by the calming effect that smoking has on you, even though it really is a stimulant. When you step out for a cigarette, it may feel like you are escaping reality for a moment and you get a chance to regain your thoughts.

By using self-hypnosis to quit smoking you can remove this belief that cigarettes benefit you with the realization that cigarettes have absolutely nothing good to offer you. This can automatically alter your behavior and thought processes, making it easier for you to quit smoking.

Effects of Using This Quit Smoking Hypnosis Download

As you relax and listen repeatedly to this quit smoking hypnosis download, you will notice that:

  • You start believing that you get no benefit from smoking a cigarette

  • You can go hours or days without thinking about smoking a cigarette

  • When other people smoke around you, it has no effect on you

  • Your cravings are less and you don’t feel the need to have a smoke

When you quit smoking, the positive effect takes place almost immediately. Not only will it benefit you, but also the people that are close to you. It will also save you money. Choose a program below that is right for you.

What Do Customers Say About This Quit Smoking Hypnosis

"Steve G. Jones changed my life for the better. Since my hypnotherapy, I haven't touched cigarettes (or had to lie to my wife about smoking!), and I also stopped biting my nails, a bad habit I had for thirty years."
- R.Z., Savannah, GA
"I love the addition of the binaural beats in the background. Also, love that there’s an option for daytime listening. I can put that on while I do other things and it sort of tunes in and back out here and there without me needing to necessarily lie down."
- Susana R
"For years I had tried to quit smoking and failed. My children were getting older and I was concerned about them starting to smoke, which I was against. I still smoked, no matter how bad I wanted to quit. I used everything I could to stop. I still smoked... until I started using your audios. After listening to your Stop Smoking audio, I quit smoking after about a week and a half. It's been 2 years now and I never want another cigarette. Thank you for all you do, Dr Steve. I thank you and my children thank you."
- Shannon H
"I am always referring you to my clients and finding products to recommend to them. All the Dr. Steve G. Jones products are of the highest quality - thoughtful, and professional presented. I am completely impressed with all the Steve G. Jones products that I have purchased."
- Kim Nagle, CH, CI, Creative Hypnosis LLC
"I have been listening to your recordings and I have to say that you are amazing. You are an incredibly generous, insightful human being. I am full of admiration for you."
- Bob McAndrew, Acting Teacher to Christopher Walken
"Steve G. Jones has helped me more in three weeks than I was helped with three YEARS of therapy. Thank you thank you THANK YOU"
- Katie Thomas, Santa Monica, CA
"Thanks again for all your help."
- Victoria Rossi, The View
"I have purchased a number of your hypnosis MP3's, which I listen to on a regular basis. I find that they have helped and continue to do so as well as them being enjoyable to listen to. I am grateful for the opportunity of being able to express my gratitude to you, many thanks."
- Vivienne Brookes, Sydney, Australia
"Steve G Jones' programs are accessible and informative and have inspired me to take the next step in my life. The value in his products is far greater than any cost and will last me a lifetime. He is really truly interested and invested in people living better lives and it shows."
- Dr. Kyrin Dunstin, MD, FACOG
"If you want to make a positive change in your life, Steve G. Jones can make the difference. He did with me."
- Tom Mankiewicz, Writer of "Superman, The Movie"
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Can Self Hypnosis Help You Quit Smoking?

Self hypnosis can help you to quit smoking by attempting to change the deeply vested beliefs that you have about yourself and smoking. You have a conscious mind as well as a subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is responsible for almost all of your automatic thoughts and behavior. These thoughts or behavior may not always be related to what is right and practical. It may not even make sense. Your automatic behavior can sometimes be self-destructive, as it pertains to a subjective belief that you have in your subconscious mind.

When you are under hypnosis, the conscious mind is taken out of the equation and the subjective belief system of the subconscious mind is addressed directly to try to identify negative or lacking beliefs and replace them by means of positive and altering subliminal suggestions. Since this change takes place in your subconscious mind and without consulting the cognitive, it changes your behavior automatically without you having to actively consciously think or force yourself.

If hypnotherapy turns out to be effective, your brain’s reward system can stop producing the feel-good chemicals that give you the illusion of receiving a benefit. When you light a cigarette, you may find that the taste is lousy and that you are not feeling better off because of it.

Benefits Of Quit Smoking Hypnosis To Your Health

The benefits of giving up smoking are almost countless and can be found in different aspects of your life. Therefore the benefits of quit smoking hypnosis to your health are huge. The most obvious areas that you will feel the benefits if you stop smoking are in your health. Your respiratory and cardiovascular health will start to improve almost immediately. Your risk of getting cancer is lowered and your sense of smell and taste improves. It will extend your life, protect your unborn child from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and improve your appearance.

There are many ways to quit smoking. Many people make use of electronic cigarettes or nicotine patches to gradually stop the habit of smoking cigarettes. Other nicotine replacement therapy includes using gum or lozenges and can be used in combination with behavioral therapy. The goal, however, is to kick the addiction to nicotine and simply replacing the addiction may not be ideal.

Hypnotherapy is another effective method that you can use to give up smoking. It has numerous benefits. It is natural, safe and this self-hypnosis can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The relaxation techniques that are used can benefit you in other areas of your life as well. It may help you to sleep better, be more productive and be overall more relaxed.

Stop Smoking Today with Quit Smoking Hypnosis

This quit smoking self-hypnosis download is perfect for you and there is every reason to try it if you can improve your health & wellbeing, even if you have a busy schedule. Ideally, you just need a little privacy to give your full attention the hypnotherapy track. We recommend you listen to this download every night before going to bed, and the scientific methods used in the recording are even proven to work effectively while you are asleep! So stop smoking today with quit smoking hypnosis and own this life-changing, proven and professional program for a fraction of the cost of just a single hypnotherapist session.  

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