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Quitting Social Media Addiction Hypnosis

How to Develop Positive Thinking With Self-Hypnosis

Since learning to be a positive thinker is all about reshaping subconscious beliefs and attitudes, it makes sense that hypnotherapy is a quick and proactive way to do this. When you’re hypnotized, the hypnotherapist—or the recording you’re listening to—will bypass the defenses of your conscious mind.

You might have a range of motivations for exploring positive thinking—for example, perhaps you want to discover and enjoy unlimited creativity so that you can reach your full potential as a writer, an artist or a musician. Alternatively, perhaps you’re worried about specific bad habits that are often triggered by negative thinking, such as drinking too much alcohol. You can power your mind to control alcohol with hypnosis, developing new and more productive ways to regulate your emotions.

There is also a close relationship between positive thinking and the Law of Attraction, so if you’re working to attract abundance, find love or advance in your career then hypnotherapy could be the extra tool you need to increase your manifestation potential. After all, Law of Attraction experts teach that the Universe responds to your mental state—and if that mental state is positive, you will be more likely to receive more positive things in your life.

Ways to Use Self-Hypnosis to Improve Subconscious Mind Power

As suggested above, the way you will use hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis to improve subconscious mind power will depend on your specific aims and problem areas. If, as in the previous example, you’re looking to overcome binge drinking (or to quit smoking), hypnotherapy will help to isolate your specific triggers for these unhealthy behaviors. At that point, using techniques like visualization, hypnotic suggestion and NLP, the hypnotherapist can incline you to respond negatively to alcohol or cigarettes, reducing your chances of using them in the future. Further, hypnotherapy is an excellent way of learning entirely new ways to experience and process emotions, especially when used in conjunction with traditional forms of psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy.

If your interest in positive thinking is linked to overcoming negative thoughts about one particular thing (e.g. if you want to overcome fear of heights), it’s reassuring to learn that hypnotherapy is a time-honored and research-supported way of addressing even the deepest positives. So if you’ve long wanted to overcome fear of driving on freeways, fear of failure or fear or enclosed spaces, using hypnotherapy is a safe and effective avenue to explore. Without irrational phobias holding you back, you’ll be free to pursue all sorts of goals and desires that were previously impossible or felt deeply frightening.

Hypnotherapy for a Positive Mindset: Does it Really Work?

When you read about using hypnotherapy to create a positive mindset and promote personal growth, it’s natural to wonder about whether or not this type of treatment actually works. If say, you want to overcome fear of failure in your career or you need to overcome fear of heights so you can travel, there’s a lot hinging on whether you can transform your attitudes and feelings. The same is true if you believe that negative thinking is blocking from using the Law of Attraction to manifest wealth, love or any form of success.

Happily, hypnotherapy is endorsed by a wide range of professional bodies, including the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association and (in the UK) the British Medical Association. Peer-reviewed research shows encouraging results for many different forms of hypnotherapy—50% more smokers quit after hypnotherapy sessions, for example, and the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology published work showing that overweight individuals have rated hypnotherapy as up to 30 times more effective than other treatments. Both of these areas involve getting rid of negative beliefs and adopting positive thinking about your own power to change, so it’s evident that hypnotherapy for a positive mindset really can work.

So, no matter why you want to accomplish goals and no matter whether you’re focused on building self-confidence, kicking self-destructive habits or working to attract unlimited wealth, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis for mindset offer you a valuable new way of influencing your brain and supporting your growth.

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