How To Increase Breast Size Naturally Without Surgery

If you're like most women, you've sometimes wished that you could change your breast size. After all, how you feel about your body can have a dramatic impact on your self-confidence and assertiveness. That said, if you're not keen to resort to surgery or lack the money to do so, you might have simply dismissed the idea of breast enlargement.

Luckily, however, surgery isn't the only option on the table - there are natural breast enhancement options you can try. But where should you start? 

One of the best options is breast hypnosis, a form of natural breast enhancement that can change the relationship you have with your body. It's an effective, risk-free way of naturally enlarging your breasts.

It works through the power of suggestion and can help to stimulate blood flow to the area of focus as well. In what follows, we'll explain the key benefits of breast hypnosis and help you understand what to expect.

Utilizing Mindpower To Influence Natural Breast Enhancement

So, you're looking to learn how to increase breast size naturally, and you've now come across the possibility of breast hypnosis.

How does this form of natural breast enhancement actually work? While hypnosis has the potential to increase blood flow to the breasts through suggestions made to your subconscious, hypnotherapy's success mainly derives from using the power of your mind to alter your perception. 

Whether through a recording or in a live hypnotherapy session, the therapist guides you into a deeply relaxed, highly suggestible state. When you're in this trance, you can change the perspective you have on your own body.

In particular, you can get rid of old, limiting beliefs and insecurities, replacing them with a new, positive attitude to your shape.

The result is increased confidence in the look and size of your breasts - including a more upright posture, which can dramatically enhance the lift and shape of your bust.

Hypnosis For Breast Enlargement

If you want to fully understand the impact of breast hypnosis, it's helpful to look at the work of Houston University science researchers, D.R. Logan and Allan R. Staib.

They were interested in learning how to increase breast size naturally, and they studied people using visualization exercises when in a hypnotic state.

What Logan and Staib discovered is that participants using these self-hypnosis techniques were better able to reduce the size of their waist and increase the size of their bust.  

Similarly, researchers at the University of Manchester discovered that people using visualization were better able to achieve their physical change goals. Indeed, participants using self-hypnosis were sometimes up to twice as effective as those who weren't using visualization exercises to support their goals.

But how does this all-important visualization actually work, and does newer research still support the efficacy of self-hypnosis? Let's take a closer look.

Nonsurgically Increase Breast Size With Self-hypnosis And Visual Imagery

As noted above, visualization is the technique that seems to be most effective during self-hypnosis for natural breast enhancement. What this means is that once you're in a hypnotic trance, you're guided through a process of using your imagination to picture yourself with enhanced breasts.

Studies on visualization show that you can achieve the best results if you make the mental image as rich as possible. In other words, don't simply see yourself with a larger bust - imagine how you'd feel, what you'd do, how people would react to you, and so on.

More recent research continues to support the efficacy of self-hypnosis for positive bodily change. For example, doctors at the Institute of Behavioral and Mind Sciences found that among 22 women, those who spent 12 weeks using the form of visualization described above self-reported an increase in the firmness and proportion of their breasts. 

The results were fast, too - around 30% of participants met their stated goal within just those 12 weeks and didn't feel they needed any further enlargement. And if you're wondering about whether the changes are simply subjective, it's worth noting that around half of the people in the above study felt they needed to buy a larger bra.

How Do I Get Bigger Boobs Using Hypnosis?

Now that we've canvassed some of the most compelling evidence and looked at the role of visualization, let's break breast hypnosis down into three distinct steps.  

Hypnosis can help enhance the size and shape of your breasts through these processes - and you’re likely to get the best results by engaging with all three steps.

Relaxation Of The Mind

Without this first step of hypnosis, you're unlikely to take any suggestions on board or see any changes. This initial stage is all about entering as relaxed a state as possible so that your subconscious mind can engage with suggestions that will be made to you.

The experience of entering this trance state is a lot like doing a mindfulness exercise. You may be encouraged to focus on deep breathing, or on counting backward from a certain number. The goal is to let all extraneous thoughts and distractions drift away. 

As with mindfulness, don't judge yourself too harshly if it's difficult to let go at first. If you're patient and consistent, and you genuinely want to go into a hypnotic trance, you will get there.

It may help if you choose a time of day when you feel especially relaxed, or if you do something relaxing before your session (such as take a hot bath).

The Process of Visualization

Once you're in a hypnotic trance, you can engage with the central step of breast hypnosis - creative visualization.

Whether alone or with the help of a recording, you should aim to build a fully detailed image of how you want to be.

As noted above, this should involve all senses. You may want to focus on how you'll feel about in a particularly important scenario - for example, at a formal event, on a date, or having sex.

Try to engage with this visualization as though it's completely real. It's not a daydream or a wish, but rather the future you'll create.

As a side note, you can use this same exercise to support any goal through hypnosis. While we're focusing on breast size and body image here, visualization is just as effective for overcoming phobias, building confidence, and boosting productivity.

Simply adjust the image according to your desired outcome.

The Use Of Indirect Suggestions

If you're working with a hypnotherapist or listening to a self-hypnosis recording, the final important step in breast hypnosis is taking in indirect suggestions. Here, someone will make statements that reflect the changes you want to make.

For example, for breast hypnosis, suggestions might include "You're feeling more confident about your breast size every day" or "Your breasts are the perfect size and shape." General confidence affirmations like "Your body is beautiful and sexy" can also support your goals.

Indirect suggestion hypnosis works by accessing your subconscious mind when your conscious mind is relaxed. This means that your usual defense mechanisms, anxieties, or doubts aren't able to police what is being said to you.

As such, you take it on board without reflection. That said, you will only do this with suggestions that mirror the genuine desires you have. Contrary to popular belief, hypnotic suggestion cannot be used to make you do anything you don't want to do

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hypnosis For Breast Enlargement?

Now that you know what breast hypnosis involves and what it aims to achieve, we'll close by exploring some of the major benefits of this kind of hypnosis. Perhaps most importantly, you become more confident about your mind's ability to change and influence your body.

Your body and mind synchronize, and your body starts to look exactly as you want it to do. Without any need for surgery, you'll start to feel more confident and more feminine.

You'll feel good about wearing the kinds of clothes you love, and you won't feel a need to conceal or hide your body. This new confidence will influence how you act and feel in all areas of your life.

From making you bolder and more authentic in your dating life to boost your confidence at work, you'll feel better about everything when you feel happier about your body.

Finally, the side-effects of any kind of hypnosis can also have wide-ranging positive effects on your life.

For example, you should notice a reduction in overall stress. You may find it easier to fall asleep, too, and realize that your sleep is more restful. The same mental relaxation changes you use to enter a hypnotic trance can be used to help you relax more quickly and easily when you go to bed.

All of these changes add up to you looking and feeling better than ever before.

Breast Enlargement Hypnosis - Does It Work?

While there's still much about hypnosis that we don't fully understand, the results speak for themselves - women who practice breast hypnosis reliably report experiencing a larger, fuller bust and an increase in body confidence.

Try our self-hypnosis breast enlargement program today, and enjoy a new positive relationship with your body.

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