Self-Hypnosis And Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation using hypnosis

The main theory behind using self-hypnosis is that you can change your own way of thinking. That means stopping negative thoughts and reducing the stress you feel, both in body and mind. There are many benefits to using self-hypnosis, including alleviating tension and inducing relaxation.

At the same time, you can bring subconscious things to your conscious mind, which helps you address the issues that could be tied into the stress and worry you are feeling. There are a variety of ways to practice self-hypnosis and relaxation, so you have many options available to you for giving it a try.

The one you choose is largely based on personal preference, but you also need to stay mindful of the technique that works best for you. Any of the following is a good choice, but be sure you talk to your doctor before attempting self-hypnosis, especially if you have any health or mental wellness issues.

Basic Relaxation Technique

If you're a beginner to self-hypnosis or relaxation techniques, this is a good way to get yourself started. It's a basic way to teach your body how to relax so that you are able to tune into your thoughts and feelings.

Using this technique is perfect for learning where your body holds tension so that you know which areas to target when it comes to relaxation. Start by sitting or lying down somewhere comfortable.

Slow your breathing and pay attention to the breaths going in and out of your body, and then begin tensing and releasing your body parts in tune to your breathing. Now, check your body and make sure all your parts are relaxed. Continue breathing evenly as you allow your body to relax. You can use this technique virtually anytime, anywhere.

Use Music

Some people find that having background music really helps them to relax and tune into their conscious brain. The type of music you choose should be something that is slow and soft. You won't want loud jarring music, which will make it hard to concentrate on your body.

There are a variety of styles of music that would work very well, so finding those that fit your mood shouldn't be too hard. Make a playlist, or buy a CD that helps you get into the right frame of mind for self-hypnosis so that you are getting the most out of it each time you engage in it.

Guided CDs

Another easy self-hypnosis technique is the use of CDs that guide you toward the practice. These CDs will help you move from a conscious, alert state into a hypnotized one. They will teach you to tune into emotions and feelings in your subconscious so that you can deal with them.

There are many, many such CDs to choose from, so be sure you do some research to discern which one might be best for your needs.

The overall goal of self-hypnosis CDs is to balance the two halves of your brain and create the new networks necessary to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, whilst also allowing your body and mind to relax.

Use hypnosis to relax

Choose the Right Time

One of the biggest things to consider when you set aside time for self-hypnosis is to determine when it's a time when you won't be distracted or disturbed. That means the techniques probably won't work if you're at the office on your lunch break or the kids are going to want their dinner in a few minutes.

Schedule time for self-hypnosis when you know that you will be able to fully devote yourself to the time and energy it takes to fully hypnotize yourself. It's a good idea to choose a time when you can be in the comfort of your own home where you know that you can relax and that someone isn't going to call you away from what you're doing.

At the same time, the right time of day is also important. That means the end of the day rather than the rush of the morning.

Magnetic Hands

This is a specific technique that helps your body wind down and be ready for hypnosis. Start by rubbing your hands together to develop some heat between them. Then, separate your hands until there are about four inches between them.

Gently push your hands in and out very slightly until you can feel a magnetic pull between them. Stay focused on these feelings as they gradually begin to get stronger.

When your hands feel like they are a comfortable distance apart (they could even be touching) close your eyes and allow your mind and body to relax into a deeper state.

The Betty Erickson 3-2-1 Technique

Betty Erickson was a very successful hypnotist, and she developed this popular and easy method for self-hypnosis. Begin by becoming aware of three things you can see in your surroundings. That might be an object, a source of light or anything else. Then, notice three things you can hear.

That might be the dog barking next door or a car going down the street. Next, focus on three things you can feel, such as the chair touching your legs or air blowing from the heater vents. You are now going to repeat each of these steps, but you will see, hear and feel only two things. Your next cycle will be one thing. Finally, you will repeat these same steps, but do them with your eyes closed. Once that's finished, you should be in a trance state.

Self-hypnosis techniques

The Power Pendulum

This might be the technique you're most familiar with. You will be using a swinging pendulum to help you reach a trance state. Your pendulum can be anything that works for you, including a crystal or rock. Be sure it is suspended from a piece of string so that you can get it moving.

Start out by sitting in a comfortable position, with the pendulum held between your thumb and first finger. Your elbow should be suspended in the air, not resting on a table or other surface. Use your "will" to get the pendulum swinging back and forth. As you do this, be sure your mind is clear and focused.

Stay relaxed, so this is much easier to do. Once the pendulum is moving, close your eyes and drop it on the floor.

As you can see, self-hypnosis takes a bit of practice and effort.

Don't be discouraged if you don't get it right the first time around. It is going to take some time to get the techniques down and figure out what works best for you. If you need some help and guidance, don't be afraid to contact a professional hypnotist, who can help you learn effective techniques.

As you practice self-hypnosis, you should begin to notice that you are more tuned into your feelings and are better able to reach a place of relaxation that lets you change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

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