How To Have More Energy And How To Stop Feeling Tired

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted all the time? Perhaps you can imagine dozens of things that you'd love to do, if only you have the energy.

Maybe you're noticing that your mood is low because of how tired you feel, or perhaps you're even worried that your lack of energy is affecting your relationships.

While there are many different potential causes of constant tiredness, there are plenty of natural ways to improve your energy levels. In this article, we'll help you understand what's happening to your body, and what you can to do feel better.

We'll start by looking at why you might be tired, and differentiating between tiredness and fatigue. From there, we'll move on to explore four powerful and effective ways to improve your life by boosting your energy.  

By making changes right now, you could give yourself the energy to become your very best self - at work, at home, and in your social life.

Why Am I Always Feeling Tired?

So, what's behind your constant exhaustion? For present purposes, let's set aside cases of chronic health problems, where illness is to blame.

If you're tired all the time and yet you have a generally clean bill of health, here are some of the most common things that might be exhausting you:

  • Poor or inconsistent sleep
  • Eating too many refined carbohydrates
  • Not eating enough
  • Lack of activity
  • Poor hydration
  • Chronic stress

However, notice that if you're struggling with some of the above, there's a common underlying cause - namely, negativity throughout your life. If you're unhappy, unfulfilled, melancholy, or anxious, you generate huge amounts of negative energy that drag your body down.

The result can be difficulty becoming motivated to eat well, sleep well, exercise, and so on. It's easy for a vicious cycle to result - your low energy stops you from taking decisive action, and your lack of decisive action saps even more energy from your life.

Is Tiredness And Fatigue The Same?

Tiredness and fatigue are often used synonymously, but do these terms really mean the same thing?

Technically, tiredness is something we all experience, especially after a busy day.

Tiredness can be relieved by getting a good night's sleep.

In contrast, you can think of fatigue as constant tiredness.

It's an overwhelming, constant kind of tiredness that doesn't get better after sleep.

Consequently, our current focus is really on fatigue as opposed to mere tiredness. We're interested in cases where tiredness is a way of life and is your default setting.

With this in mind, let's move on to consider how positive energy can help to address both fatigue and some of the most common causes of fatigue.

Why Positive Energy Can Boost Your Life

As noted above, major contributors to fatigue include poor sleep, a bad diet, a lack of exercise, and constant engagement with stress.

All of these life experiences and habits generate negative energy, which makes you feel flat and lower as well as horribly tired. 

In contrast, deliberately generating positive energy - even in small amounts - can help you get out of the cycle of fatigue.

So, if you're looking to learn how to increase energy, learning how to generate and feel positive energy is a wonderful first step.

In the remainder of this article, we'll look at the easiest changes you can make for the greatest benefit.

How To Boost Energy Naturally

While you can drink huge caffeine-filled drinks or take certain drugs to get more energy, there are better, more natural ways to boost energy.

And, unlike artificial stimulants, these methods help you learn how to boost energy specifically by helping you to have more positive energy. Here are three of the best, and tips for implementing them.

Boost Energy With More Sleep

This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but sleep is incredibly important to producing and maintaining positive energy.

There are a couple of important changes you should make here.

Firstly, try to ensure you're not sleep-deprived. The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep per night, so experiment within this range and try to figure out which amount of time is ideal for you.

If you can't get them all at once (e.g., if you have young children), take naps when you can.

As well as working to increase sleep, it's vital to improve the quality of your sleep. This means reducing food and caffeine intake in the evening so that you can rest undisturbed.

It can also be extremely helpful to design your bedroom to be a maximally relaxing, comfortable place to be.

Some people even apply a "no electronics" rule to their bedroom or at least stop using laptops, televisions, and computers by mid-evening at the latest.

Boost Energy By Avoiding Energy Fatiguing Products

Sadly, there are lots of energy-reducing products that generate negative energy - and maybe are very enjoyable at the time of consumption!

Here are some of the smartest changes you can make in order to generate positive energy:

Limit alcohol: You don't need to cut it out entirely but aim to cut it down. Alcohol causes restless sleep - and as we've just noted, sleep quality is a major contributor to your energy levels.

Alcohol also dehydrates you, which makes you feel more fatigued (even if you don't drink to the point of intoxication).

Avoid smoking: Smoking makes you more likely to suffer from heart disease, several forms of cancer, and strokes. Cigarettes also reduce your lung capacity, which leads to suboptimal levels of oxygen in your blood (sapping your energy).

Smokers reliably report an increase in energy in well-being after successfully quitting the habit.

Avoid added sugar: While sugary treats give you a quick boost of energy, this spike is followed by a dip in both energy and mood. To produce consistent energy, try to eat whole foods like brown rice, grains, and nuts.

Plus, aim to ensure your sugar sources tend to involve natural sugars (e.g., fruits and vegetables).

Boost Energy And Be Active On A Daily Basis

Being active can also make a huge difference to your fatigue, filling you with positive energy over time.

If you're trying to figure out how to increase energy but really struggle to be active, increase your amount of exercise by degrees.

If you're typically sedentary, even just a 20-minute brisk walk will make some kind of difference to your energy. In addition, remember that there are many different ways of being active.

Try to find forms that you genuinely enjoy - whether you swim, cycle, hike, go horse-riding, dance, or learn kickboxing. Exercise doesn't have to be boring, or a chore.

Being active on a daily basis also involves building in variation. So, if you work at a computer most of the day, take mindful breaks to stand for a few minutes or take a short walk around the block (or even around the building). Alternatively, do a few yoga moves or stretches.

Hypnosis For Energy

Finally, if you're wondering how to increase energy as quickly as possible, it's worth trying hypnosis for motivation and energy.

Hypnosis works by leading you into a deeply relaxed, highly receptive state in which you take on suggestions that can help you make real changes in your life.

Self-hypnosis is especially easy and helpful, as it can be done in private and on your own time. Self-hypnosis can involve both listening to recordings and learning techniques that allow you to enter a relaxed state in which you recite energy-boosting affirmations.

What can you expect from hypnosis? Well, hypnotherapy can change limiting beliefs you have - for example, that you are not a successful or motivated person.

Often, such beliefs are acquired early in life and aren't actively challenged even when they’re subconsciously holding you back. Hypnosis can also help to transform your feelings, boosting positive emotions, and helping you view life more optimistically.

The result will be an increased willingness to engage in proactive, positive behaviors that themselves help to combat fatigue. Even just one self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy session can boost your energy in noticeable ways, and if you make hypnosis a habit then you stand to see even more dramatic improvements.

Energy Boost Self Hypnosis Download

So, if you're looking to work out how to boost energy, hypnosis is well worth trying (in conjunction with making all the lifestyle changes above).

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