Stimulate Hair Growth & Reverse Hair Loss Using Hypnosis

Have you ever wished for thicker, healthier hair?

Whether you have male pattern baldness, are noticing hair thinning due to menopause, or struggle with hair loss for some other reason, changes to your hair can really dent your self-esteem.

However, lots of potential treatments are expensive and risky. So, what should you do? Is there anything that can help?

If you're looking for fast hair growth secrets, hypnotherapy may be the ideal solution. This is a natural form of hair enhancement that can both improve your hair and help you feel more positively about it.

It's a fast, entirely method, and it works by tapping into your subconscious mind. We've long been aware that the subconscious is intimately connected with how the body functions, so perhaps it's unsurprising that hypnosis can change how we look and feel.

In this article, we'll walk you through how hair growth hypnosis works and outline the benefits it can bring.

Tap Into Your Mindpower To Increase Natural Hair Growth

Now that you know how to grow hair faster naturally, you might be wondering what makes hair growth hypnosis so effective.

Lists of natural hair growth often simply note that hypnotherapy can lead to hair changes, but don't explain why.

Firstly, hypnotherapy is known to be able to increase blood flow to areas of focus, so that may play a role.

Secondly, and most importantly, there's a link between chronic stress and the severity of your hair loss. If hypnotherapy is known for anything, it's for helping people deal with (and reduce) stress.

During a hypnosis session, you are led into a hypnotic trance - a deeply relaxed state where you will more readily take on suggestions.

At this point, the hypnotherapist or hypnotherapy recording can help you become less stressed, facilitating hair growth. Some of the suggestions may also focus on making your body image more positive - on allowing you to see and experience your hair differently.

The Effectiveness Of Hypnosis For Hair Growth

As you'll recall, the power of hair growth hypnosis may partly lie in its impact on your stress levels. There is an apparent connection between stress and hair loss, and reducing stress also makes you feel more confident and positive about how you look.

We also briefly noted the possibility of increasing hair growth by boosting blood flow to hair follicles, but more important than that is the impact that hypnosis can have on your subjective impression of your hair.

If you've underestimated your hair's thickness or its appeal, hypnosis can replace those old negative feelings with a sense of genuine positivity about how your hair looks.

However, note that you can also combine hypnosis with other hair loss treatments. Many of these may also be holistic, such as changing your diet to support hair growth.

Healthy fats, vitamin D, and vitamin E can all enhance the effectiveness of your hair growth hypnosis program.

Naturally, Increase Hair Growth Using Visual Imagery

Positive visualization lies at the heart of hypnotherapy for hair growth. When you are in a hypnotic trance, the hypnotherapist guiding your session will help you use your imagination to build up a picture of yourself with the hair you want to have.

Research on the effectiveness of visualization stresses that you should use all of your senses to get the best results from hypnotherapy.

What this means is that as well as seeing yourself with thick, healthy hair, you should imagine how you feel.

How does your self-image change? What does your hair feel like to touch? Do you carry yourself differently when you feel good about your hair?

Self-hypnosis has a good track record of helping people change and appreciate their bodies. For example, one study on hair growth reported that more than 50% of participants reported a significant improvement in their hair.

Plus, it's likely that these participants would be doing even better in the months to come. All of them reported less severe symptoms of anxiety and depression. This suggests a concurrent reduction in stress levels, which is itself promising for future hair growth.

How To Grow Hair Faster Naturally Using Hypnosis

So, now you have a solid understanding of why it's worth trying hypnosis for hair growth, and you know why visualization is the cornerstone of the process.

To know what to expect from a session - whether with a hypnotherapist or listening to a recording - it's helpful to think of hypnotherapy as a process with three key steps.

The Relaxation Of The Mind

All hypnotherapy sessions require you to get into the right state of mind. If you're going to become receptive to positive suggestions, you need to be maximally relaxed.

With this in mind, the first step of hypnotherapy is to get your body and mind to relax completely. Some people are nervous about how this will feel, but you remain in control of your body the whole time.

You can stop the session any time you like, and the hypnotherapist can't make you do anything contrary to your desires. They can only support you in the goals your mind has already set.

In fact, you'll feel similar to how you do when you take part in a mindfulness exercise. You may even be asked to focus on some of the same things, such as the sensation of your lungs filling and emptying.

The aim is to quieten your mind and stop paying attention to irrelevant thoughts.

The Process of Visualization

After the hypnotherapist or the hypnotherapy recording has successfully led you into a hypnotic trance, it's time to do the visualization exercise we discussed above.

Often, the hypnotherapist will coax you into building a detailed picture, including prompts that assist you in engaging all of your senses.

Sometimes, it's helpful to think about how you want to feel about your hair in some context that matters to you.

This may be a date, or during a job interview, or just when someone you care about is looking at you. Try to believe this is really happening - that the visualization is a promise of how things will be, not just a fantasy.

As a side note, visualization can also be done outside of a hypnotic trance.

Any time you want to top up your confidence, spend just five minutes rebuilding the picture you created in the session. This is a quick way to recapture those good feelings.

The Use Of Indirect Suggestions

Finally, once you've entered a hypnotic trance and you've visualized the change you want to make, your hypnotherapist or self-hypnosis recording will offer subliminal messages.

These will go straight to your subconscious mind and will help to change the beliefs you have about the target topic.

For example, regarding hair loss, indirect suggestion hypnosis might encourage you to believe that your hair is thick and healthy, that you should be proud of your hair, and that your hair is looking better day by day.

Generally supportive affirmations may also be added, including statements like "You look better than ever" and "You attract people toward you."

You may also benefit from reciting the same statements as affirmations outside of hypnosis sessions. For example, saying them into the mirror at the start of the day can help you get into the right frame of mind to look and feel good all day.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hypnosis For Hair Growth?

So, you now have a clear sense of what hair growth hypnosis involves, and how it might work for you. If you're not yet convinced that it's worth trying, it's worth considering some of the major benefits you can expect. Most significantly, you can expect a major boost in confidence.

As you bring your body and into synchronicity, you'll start to love and respect your body to a greater degree. You'll begin to feel positive as you look at your hair, and you won't feel any need to hide it with a hat or a wig.

In addition, you can enjoy all the knock-on benefits that confidence brings to the rest of your life. For example, you'll handle stress better, you'll be more assertive, and you'll no longer be self-conscious when you're dating someone.

In other words, you'll expect to be seen and treated as attractive. Further, as we noted, self-hypnosis for hair growth doesn’t just target your hair follicles.

It also targets stress, making you more relaxed and better at regulating your own emotions.

You'll be happier on an average day, you'll find it easier to get a good night's sleep, and you'll find it easier to let go of the things you can't control.

Taken together, all of these possible benefits add up to a massive increase in your happiness and sense of well-being. So, while you may have started out trying to feel better about your hair, you stand to end up feeling better about your entire self.

Build Confidence With Hair Growth Hypnosis

Now that you know all that hair hypnosis can do for you, there's no good reason not to try it.

Our self-hypnosis program for hair growth aims to help you develop the self-image you want and boost confidence in how you look.

If you want to be confident, happy, and better looking than ever, why wait?

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