How To Negotiate: 6 Ways To Negotiate Better

Not many people enjoy negotiating. Perhaps you are one of those people? Maybe you try your hardest to negotiate, but find it too stressful when the time comes? Whether it’s work negotiations or you are trying to negotiate with someone close to you - it can be very difficult.

However, there are things you can do to help you to negotiate better. Most of the things you can do to prepare yourself for negotiations can be done before - but we also have some tips for you to help in the moment of the negotiations.

Before we talk about how you can negotiate better, let’s take a look at what negotiations actually are and what they can do.

What Is Negotiation?

Negotiation is a method that is used to try and settle difference and come to an agreement between all parties. The point of a negotiation is to sort out any disagreements between people and try to achieve the best outcome for all who are involved.

You can use negotiations in most situations, including, work disputes, domestic relationships, and the legal system. There are also other situations where negotiation may take place, but most commonly it can be used for business affairs.

It’s beneficial for everyone to have some general negotiation skills in case the situation arises where you need to use them. If you already have negotiated before, then you may already know how hard it can be, depending on the situation - which is why we want to share our tips on how to negotiate better.

How To Negotiate: 6 Ways To Negotiate Better

Now that you know what negotiation is, it’s time to look at ways to help you to negotiate better and hopefully make your next negotiation a successful one. All of these tips on how to negotiate better are as important as the other - so try to practice each one if you can.

Here are 6 ways to negotiate better.

1. Know What You’re Worth

It’s always good to know your worth and how much you are willing to give before you walk away. Whether you are preparing for a work negotiation or a domestic relationship negotiation - it’s still good to know before you start what you are worth and what you want to gain from the negotiation itself.

Depending on your situation, you may have more worth than you think (for example, if the person who is negotiating with you needs you more than you need them). Try and look at the situation you are in and determine how you can negotiate to show your worth.

This is an important step as it can help you understand the decisions you need to make and how to approach the negotiation as a whole.

2. Use Silence To Your Advantage

A good tip for when you are negotiating with someone is to use silence to your advantage. For example, if someone has disagreed with something you have suggested, try not to say anything, as most people will fill the silence.

This technique can be great as most people hate awkward silences and will tend to fill the silence with conversation. So, instead of you replying straight away and possibly saying something you might regret - try to keep your cool and wait for the other person to speak.

Silence can actually give you more power, so if you don’t think it’s necessary to speak up or fill the silence - don’t. You can let the other person do that and they may say something that will make the negotiation easier for you too.

3. Build Your Confidence

It’s important to try and build on your confidence and use that confidence in your negotiations and other potentially difficult situations. If you lack confidence, this can sometimes show in negotiations and could cause you to possibly not achieve what you wanted to achieve.

Try to work on building your confidence and question why you may be feeling less confident or even scared to try and negotiate. Take care of yourself and don’t ignore your emotions either. If you can understand why you are feeling less confident, you can work towards building your confidence.

Try stepping out of your comfort zone and developing a thicker skin and the negotiations should be a lot easier for you.

4. Do Your Homework

Before your negotiation, it’s extremely important to make sure you do your research and prepare yourself for what might be thrown at you. This could include researching the person you are negotiating with and their company (if this is a business related negotiation).

It’s a good idea to try and gather as much information as you can until you feel prepared and ready to negotiate. Failure to do so could cause you to feel less confident and more stressed.

It could also mean that you are caught off guard with the negotiations due to something you didn’t know or from having a lack of knowledge about the person you are negotiating with. So, to make sure you feel relaxed and confident going into the negotiation, make sure you are well prepared and have done your homework.

5. Self-Hypnosis

One way to negotiate better is to make sure you have the right mindset for it. This means that you are feeling positive, confident and believe in yourself and what you do. Having a strong mindset can help you feel more confident in your negotiations and achieve success.

Self-hypnosis can help you to clear your mind, relax and also change your mindset. It’s a very powerful tool that can actually help you to rewire your mindset to help you gain confidence in negotiations and become more able to stand your ground.

Our ‘Master The Art Of Negotiations’ hypnosis track can help you to feel more relaxed and confident when it comes to negotiating and getting your point across.

6. Don’t Take Things Personally

It can be very hard to do this, but you should try your best to not take things personally when it comes to negotiations. During negotiations, some people can become angry or upset, which may cause them to say things that might be hurtful - try and take it with a pinch of salt, as it’s normally said in the heat of the moment.

You do have the right to stand up for yourself in the negotiations but do so respectfully as you would not want to say something you might later regret. Otherwise, try not to take things to heart as they may not have been said to intentionally upset you.

It can be hard to control your emotions sometimes, but if you can do so in the negotiations you should have a better chance to achieve success in your negotiation and refrain from saying something you might regret after.

Learn How To Negotiate Better With Self-Hypnosis

These tips should help you to achieve success in your negotiations, or at the very least, help you to feel confident and relaxed in any negotiation. Again, whether this is a work-related or domestic relationship negotiation - these tips can help you either way.

Self-hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools you can use to help change your mindset in a more positive way. Listening to the self-hypnosis track can not only help you visualize your next negotiation but also help you to feel more confident about it too.

If you want to find out more about the ‘Master The Art Of Negotiation’ self-hypnosis track then click here.

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