Let Hypnosis Help You On Your Weight Loss Journey

Whether you have put on a few pounds recently or have been battling with weight loss for quite some time now, there is help beyond diet and exercise for you. Hypnosis might not be the first thing that pops into anyone's head when trying to find the right nutritious meals that will help them lose weight, but keep reading.

Hypnosis is not just a magic trick that illusionists do on cruise ships and at carnivals. True hypnotherapy is just that—a form of therapy. If you have a physical illness like the 'flu, you don't treat it from the outside in, you start from the inside—with medication or antibiotics. Similarly, you can't treat weight loss just on the surface; you have to get to the interior part of the problem, which in most cases is in your mind.

You see, your mind is more powerful than even your stomach. So all of those times your stomach is claiming to be hungry, deep down, your mind knows better. But sometimes logic is thrown out the window when it comes to binge eating and eating the foods that aren't good for us. Even though we know that cheeseburger is not what our body truly needs, we act on what we want first.

Hypnosis can help you stop giving into these temptations to get to a healthier you. Although there are some reasons you might not feel the hypnosis and weight loss journey will equal success, there really is nothing you will lose from giving it a try. It can't hurt and can only help on your road to a healthier weight. Follow these tips:

Eating Your Feelings

It is said that people eat their feelings. Here's the thing: some people eat when they're sad or upset, some when they are anxious, and some eat extra bad-for-you foods as a reward. There is an even more serious problem when a person eats for all of these feelings.

Hypnosis used to aid in a weight loss journey helps a person change the way they feel about the food they are putting in their body. Changing thoughts and feelings surrounding food and eating time can help each individual on their own unique path.

Don't Let Your Own Mind Stand In Your Way

Your thoughts about yourself and weight loss and the incredibly hard journey ahead of you can be enough to stop you in your tracks. Don't let that be the case! If you are finding it harder than you thought to take the first step, maybe there is more to the problem than just eating unhealthy foods.

This is the perfect time to seek therapy—of any kind. Therapists are trained to help you get to the root of any problem, and hypnotherapists can help in this regard, too. Letting your mind get the better of you can be detrimental to your recovery because, as we know, a stubborn mind can win out especially when it comes to eating.

Can Hypnosis Really Help?

There will always be skeptics that wonder if hypnosis can really help with all that it says it can. The point is that it can help with anything you allow it to. You see, hypnotherapy isn't a magic spell that only works with special circumstances and done by a magical wizard.

It is a scientifically based practice which has licensed hypnotherapists bypassing your conscious mind and contacting your subconscious to correct or change a behavior. Just as you can train dogs to sit and roll over, the subconscious can be directed in a way that can better your conscious, awakened self.

Remove The Reluctance

You still might be reluctant to try something that seems to put you in a vulnerable place next to a stranger. But try not to think about it like that. A licensed hypnotherapist will never take advantage of a situation and will only correct behaviors agreed upon by both you and them prior to any session.

Also, know that your subconscious will not let you do anything that would normally be against your morals or values.

Remove The Shame

If you feel any bit of shame due to over-eating, causing your stress, or any part of your physical or mental well-being, it's time to reverse these feelings. Thankfully, you don't have to do this alone. A hypnotherapist will begin by helping you with any of these types of issues plaguing your daily life.

The desired end result of weight loss hypnotherapy sessions is not just to find a quick fix for losing weight, but more to change the way you act, feel and react in situations where you would normally turn to food.

You Are Your Harshest Critic

Even though it might sometimes feel like the whole world is against you, that is probably not the case. In fact, you are the one who is most against you. You! That is great news because guess who has total control over you?

Yourself! So you are your harshest critic, but you also have the power to change the critiques. A hypnotherapist can give you the tools to combat any negative thoughts and turn them into helpful comments and motivation.

What If It Doesn't Work?

What do you do if something doesn't work the first time? That's right, you try, try again! If you lack the motivation to try again, try a different approach and keep on trucking. Weight loss is not an overnight journey and hypnotherapy does not promise to make it an overnight miracle.

It will take time, but you will be armed with the right tools to get the job done. Get in the right head space before each hypnotherapy session so you are fully open and ready for a change to come.

The first session might be hard to fully let go, so definitely keep trying until you find results that feel right. Your hypnotherapist will be able to help inform you on how you are progressing.

Hypnosis And Beyond

Another key thing to remember with hypnosis is that it isn't a one-stop shop. You don't go to one session and come out ready to go straight to the gym and run a 5K. You must also do the homework that goes along with weight loss.

Neither you nor your subconscious can make yourself thinner just by thinking about it or talking about it. You have to put in some effort! Thankfully the hypnotherapy helps you with just that.

The hypnotherapist will get to the bottom of what is stopping you from being successful in your weight loss journey and changes the cycle. Let hypnosis help you get to a healthier you. Hypnotherapy can help through all stages of weight loss, among many other things that you might need help with. (Click here now to learn more about our Weight Loss Hypnosis!)

Knocking down the mental block that you can't seem to get through on your own when it comes to losing weight could also open up your mind and feelings to much more, making relationships in your life feel deeper and more meaningful.

Hypnosis can help your whole journey through life.

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