How Effective Is Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss?

Weight loss hypnosis

Have you been trying to lose weight for a long time, with little success? Perhaps you’ve tried a wide range of diets and never managed to keep the pounds off for long, for example.

No matter the reason for your struggles with weight, such experiences can really damage your self-esteem and your confidence. While you have every right to be proud of your body no matter what it looks like, it's hard to feel good when constantly bombarded with images of skinny bodies.

Could hypnotherapy finally provide you with the support and positive change you need? In this article, we'll explore how to tell whether you should try weight loss hypnotherapy, and explain how to use it to reach your goals.

We'll consider whether it really works, and then take a look at six of the most exciting benefits of trying this treatment.

Risk-free, affordable, and straightforward, hypnotherapy for weight loss could very well change your life.

Who Should Try Hypnosis?

If you're struggling to lose weight, it's always worth talking to your doctor in case you have an underlying medical issue that can be fixed.

However, if you've been trying to lose weight for a while and find it almost impossible to create lasting change, hypnosis just might be for you.

In particular, it's useful for people who need some help sticking to healthier habits - who may stick to a diet for a few days and then find loopholes. It's also a good approach if you have a complex relationship with food.

For example, if you use food to address anxiety or other forms of emotional discomfort. In short, if your difficulties with weight loss intimately connect with your thoughts, feelings, or beliefs, hypnosis could be the answer.

But how does hypnosis work for weight loss, exactly? Let's look at the process in a bit more detail before we explore the most significant benefits of using this technique.

How To Use Hypnosis For Weight Loss

When you try hypnosis weight loss, effectiveness depends on whether you have a genuine desire to lose weight.

As long as you do, a hypnotherapist can help you to overcome your mental blocks. Hypnosis works by bypassing the defenses of the conscious mind, encouraging your subconscious to take on positive suggestions.

The hypnotherapist leads you into a deeply relaxed, highly receptive state before reciting key statements that support your goals.

For example, they might tell you one or more of the following: "You don't need food to be happy", "You are feeling less hungry every day", and "You have the strength and commitment to lose weight." This helps you get rid of negative beliefs, such as "I'll always be fat."

For some, using hypnotherapy sessions or recordings even just once can make a difference. Alternatively, you might benefit from regular top-ups, or from doing the hypnotherapy exercise at least several times a week in the beginning.

Does Hypnosis Really Work for Weight Loss?

If you haven't tried hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis before, it's natural to be a little skeptical. However, research shows that it is a useful alternative health practice that can support you in making life changes.

As well as helping with phobias, it's particularly likely to work well for people who want to stop bad habits. This means not only bad eating habits but also other common habits like nail-biting and teeth-grinding. 

So, if you're wondering whether hypnosis will work for you, the key lies in figuring out how much your weight struggles relate to bad habits.

If you are stuck in negative routines like late-night snacking, comfort eating, and finding excuses to eat something unhealthy "just this once", then you're the ideal candidate for hypnosis.

However, since hypnosis poses no risk to your health and requires very little term and effort, it's well worth trying no matter what the root causes of your weight gain might be.

lose weight through hypnosis

6 Benefits Of Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Obviously, the main goal of weight loss hypnotherapy is to slim down and get healthier.

And, as we discussed above, hypnotherapy is especially helpful in this regard, as being overweight is often tied to bad habits.

However, there are other benefits to weight loss hypnotherapy as well. Here are six of the most significant.

Losing Weight With Hypnosis Can Be Used Anywhere

Self-hypnosis can be done anywhere, so you can keep it entirely private if you wish or you can do sessions at the same time as someone who shares your goals.

Most people choose to do their hypnosis sessions in bed, or on a comfortable chair.

However, in principle, you can choose any place you like. The only notable exceptions are driving, operating dangerous machinery, or other activities that could put you in danger when you're in a hypnotic trance.

The flexibility of self-hypnosis also means you can have a session during a break from work, or sitting on a train.

Losing Weight With Hypnosis Is More Affordable Than Other Weight Loss Fads & Programs

Many weight-loss fads are incredibly expensive. Sure, the basic program might be affordable, but by the time you add everything the program suggests you can end up with an empty wallet.

In addition, fad diets are often predicated on unsupported science or on unsustainable eating trends, so you can end up regretting the fact you ever spent anything at all.

In contrast, paying for just a single hypnosis session can significantly support your weight loss goals without any further spending.

Some sessions or trials may even be entirely free, and those that cost money are typically very affordable.

Losing Weight With Hypnosis Is Easy

Self-hypnosis doesn't require you to learn any complex techniques. All you need is a goal, an open mind, and a comfortable place to do your session.

In contrast to so many other weight loss-related tasks, there's really no struggle involved. This can make you succeed with self-hypnosis when you previously failed at conventional weight loss attempts.

Life, in general, can start to become easier once self-hypnosis changes your thoughts and feelings.

The negative thinking spirals that used to stop you from being your best self begin to dissolve, and your slowly increasing confidence makes you less likely to second-guess decisions.

Losing Weight With Hypnosis Allows You To Be Independent

With self-hypnosis, you don't have to rely on anyone else. You don't need to go anywhere in person for appointments or work around a practitioner's schedule.

You also don't need to wait to be paid in order to use self-hypnosis - once you've got the tracks or the program, you're set for life. So, when you use self-hypnosis for weight loss, you cultivate an empowering form of self-reliance.

It's often said that self-help is the best possible form of help, after all. It's likely that your self-hypnosis practice will also encourage you to pursue more things in your life with this kind of independent determination. 

Losing Weight With Hypnosis Is Convenient

As well as being innately portable, self-hypnosis can be done whenever you want. As noted above, you can squeeze a session into a break.

You can also listen to it before a time when you think you might be tempted to break your diet. It's also worth trying self-hypnosis at different times of day in order to see which has the most significant impact.

For example, perhaps you'll get the best results if you start the day with a session, setting you up for a day of good habits. Alternatively, maybe self-hypnosis before sleep helps to ensure you wake up in the right mindset.

The choice is yours!

Losing Weight With Hypnosis Allows You To Be In Complete Control

Finally, so many weight loss methods require surrounding control in some way. Whether you take pills that might give you negative side effects or have surgery that could mean risking your health in some way, there's often a significant cost.

In contrast, with hypnosis, everything is up to you. Provided you don't have epilepsy, there are no reasons to expect any ill effects from any form of self-hypnosis, and you can start or stop any time you want.

You also have precise control over what you focus on - which beliefs and behaviors you want to work to change.

Start Using Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Now that you know all the basic facts about self-hypnosis, you can see its many benefits. It facilitates weight loss by finally changing outdated, negative habits and helping you to build new ones.

It's also entirely customizable by you, and you get to decide how and when you use it. So, what are you waiting for? Why not try self-hypnosis today. 

Our weight loss program focuses on changing your relationship with food, and your relationship with your own body. You'll find yourself noticeably less hungry for healthy foods, and you'll find it simple and straightforward to stick to the healthy rules you set.

And once you start to see results, the changes sparked by hypnosis will make it easier than ever to lose weight and keep it off once and for all.

So, if you're ready to have the body you've always wanted, let today be the first day of the rest of your life.

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